New Jersey from the plains of Russia

Name of this State is known across the world due to the very popular road barriers. Russian highways are no exception: the number of "New Jersey" road barriers is steadily growing from year to year. What's interesting, such road barriers can be fabricated not only at plants but it also near the place of the installation. In other words at site. The moulding equipment for work at such a harsh conditions should have all appropriate functions which was achived by the M-Konstruktor plant. Steel moulds with two slots for the double-sided barriers went far from their preceding versions.
The coil located under (along) the moulding surface provides double-sided heating using the water as medium. The heating medium is supplied and drained via the pipe sleeves. The heating register is is covered with sandwich panels for better energy saving.
For the first time ever the mould of such type is equipped with two pneumatic vibrators by each side. The pneumatic pipeline layout allows to control each of the vibrators independently.
The rubber gaskets at the butt flaps provides sealing and prevents from leaking. They are also provided with places for locks installation. The base of the mould have openings for the anchors, while the uppers side of beams have openings for eye-bolts. Another traditional solution for New Jersey road barriers is a perfect geometry of the working surface. Additionally we offer easy demoulding allowing to fabricate two elements with dimensions of 3500Х650Х1270 mm (L x W x H) at a time right at the construction site.
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2022 Steel moulds for “New Jersey” traffic barriers