Shipment of steel moulds for hollow-core intermediate slabs

Not a single panel or frame building can be erected without intermediate slabs, which are essential elements of every floor and ceiling structure. Likewise, not a single precast concrete plant can manufacture hollow-core intermediate slabs without relevant steel moulds and concrete equipment.
And we couldn’t miss the opportunity to share with you some photos made during the shipment of a batch of steel moulds for hollow-core intermediate slabs PK 63.10 and 72.12. These moulds are going to our customers in Murmansk region. The moulds have special holes for punches (hollow-core forming pipes). The platform is made from a solid steel sheet. The product includes a casting bed with abutments for the tensioning of rebar which is put in the mould prior to the concrete pouring.
All moulds comply with the highest quality standards!
2020 Steel moulds for hollowcore concrete slab