Steel moulds for hollowcore slabs

Hollow-core slabs are an especially popular choice for construction companies. They are used as basement, intermediate, and attic slabs. Some of their benefits:
– small weight, so the load on the foundation is minimal;
– high performance;
– good noise and heat insulation.
These products can be manufactured with a range of different technologies:
  1. Formwork-free technology means that slabs are formed on automated conveyor lines with further cutting into several products of the required length.
  2. Forming on non-automated lines. This method requires the involvement of several operators, but it is much cheaper than manufacturing on automated lines and easier to install.
  3. Forming in special moulds.
Our plant offers you both non-automated lines and separate steel moulds for the production of intermediate slabs.
A production line for intermediate slabs is a modular piece of equipment fitted with a rebar tensioning device. It can be used to manufacture intermediate slabs in sizes 1,000, 1,200 and 1,500. The width can be adjusted by shifting the longitudinal side of the equipment. The length of the equipment varies from 15 to 100 m.
The design of steel moulds for hollow-core slabs includes special openings into which punches (hollow-core forming pipes) are placed. Before the concrete is poured into the mould, rebar is tensioned with the help of abutments and the mould is placed on a vibrating table. Once the concrete mixture has been compacted, the punches are removed and the mould is sent to a steam chamber to accelerate the concrete consolidation process.
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2021 Steel moulds for hollowcore concrete slab