Steel moulds for concrete trash containers storage shed

Steel moulds

Purpose of concrete trash containers storage shed

A concrete trash container storage shed is a closed, vandal-resistant construction with trash bins placed inside. Utility workers should open its doors to replace a full trash bin.
Concrete trash containers have holes in their upper sections through which waste are put inside. Such constructions are convenient for daily use and are suitable for separate waste collection.
Use of concrete trash container storage sheds gives you a wide range of advantages:

  1. Fully closed storage system eliminates the possibility of trash being set on fire, flooded with water, or dispersed by wind, birds, rodents, and stray animals.
  2. Improvement of sanitation and reduction of unpleasant odours.
  3. Aesthetic and architectural significance: modern design and ergonomic construction.
  4. Long service life.

Steel moulds for concrete trash containers storage shed

M-Konstruktor manufactures steel moulds for concrete trash container storage sheds. This mould serves as an example of production of solid concrete elements. In our mould, 5 walls and an additional form are cast simultaneously, so one concrete pouring allows you to get a fully finished product.

This construction is made from self-compacting concrete, which consolidates under its own weight and does not require the use of additional equipment.

Hydraulic drive of volumetric core driver facilitates the process of demoulding. Smooth moulding surfaces and perfectly aligned corners of the elements will ensure the correct shape of the concrete product. Reliable design and high quality will ensure the long life of steel moulds by M-Konstruktor.

Steel moulds for a waste containers with the manual drive

Steel moulds from the batch delivered to Poland are equipped with manual drive for the core. Activating this drive moving the core parts relative to each other. Thus reducing the cross-section, allowing to extract a finished product without damaging it. All four mould sides are hinged.

Hydraulics driven mould features

One fill - one product
All five walls are moulded at the same time as well as the additional element so that you get finished product after one filling of the mould with a concrete mixture.
No need in additional equipment
Self-consolidating concrete setting under its own weight without any additional equipment.
Easy demoulding
Hydraulic drive for the opening forming element makes demoulding more convenient.

Manual driven mould features

Easy demoulding
Manual drive for the core system makes demoulding more convenient.
Hinged sides
All 4 sides of the mould are hinged.
Supporting frame
The pan's frame is a load-bearing structure for a hinged sides and a manual drive mounting.
Concrete grade choice
Self-consolidating concrete setting under its own weight without any additional equipment or a concrete mixture which is setting by immersion vibrators.
Perfect geometry
Smooth moulding surfaces and an accurate angles of contact providing a perfect concrete product geometry.

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Delivery is available throughout the territory of Russian Federation as well as in the European Union and Eurasian Union countries. Railroad, heavy trucks, and sea transport delivery is available.

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