5 advantages of 2П30-18-30 road slabs

2П30-18 road slabs are reinforced concrete products with nonprestressed rebar that are actively used for the construction of temporary roads on construction and production sites.
These slabs are made from heavyweight concrete and their operating surface has distinctive rhombic corrugation. Such corrugation ensures good traction of the automobile and special vehicle tires on a road surface.
At minimal cost, these products allow you to lay down a temporary section of a road or access to the site in the shortest possible time, even in areas with unstable soils. They are frost-resistant, waterproof, and quickly replaceable in case of damage.
Our plant manufactures moulds used for the production of road slabs of various dimensions—with corrugated or smooth surface, for both temporary and permanent roads.
The image shows double-cavity moulds for 2П30-18-30 slabs. These moulds are designed for the simultaneous production of 2 products, which allows you to reduce time spent on crane operations and to compactly place the moulds in the steam chamber to accelerate the concrete consolidation process. The moulds are also equipped with landings for piling, which can withstand the load of up to 10 piled up moulds full of concrete. The hinged sides allow easy removal of the finished slabs.
Dimensions of the finished concrete product: 3000 х 1750х 170 mm. Dimensions of the mould: 6396 x 2130 x 380 mm.
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