Steel moulds with matrix arrangement for PAG-14 slabs

It’s been a while since we had a video release. Now is the time to deliver :)
This steel mould is used to make PAG slabs originally designed for airfields. They are capable of withstanding great amounts of pressure, possess exceptional shock and vibration endurance, and can be used at temperatures down to –60 °C. That’s why today they are also used for the construction of large industrial objects, the arrangement of designated roads for freight vehicles and route sections with the maximum load on the road bed.
Moulds used to produce long slabs can have four sides that can be opened or be equipped with only two openable sides and loopers (with matrix arrangement). Our today’s post is specifically dedicated to a steel mould with matrix arrangement and internal specifications of 6000*2000*140.
It’s a stress mould equipped with stops for tensioning the reinforcement.
It’s 100% protected against the leakage of concrete slurry and chipping of the edges on a finished concrete slab.
The inner surface of the steel mould’s bed is provided with rhombic corrugation in order to improve the grip of PAG slabs with the road surface.
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2020 Road slab steel moulds