Microtunneling pipe steel moulds

M-Konstruktor presents a microtunneling concrete pipe installation. Our plant produces moulds of 600 – 2 000 millimeters in diameter.
The outer mould line can be equipped with leakproof vapour jacket. The inner mould line is equipped with a guard cam with a hydraulic drive which allows to narrow down the diameter of the mould line and to demould the final concrete product. 
Flow deviders provide a simultaneous work of hydraulic drives. 
In addition to hydraulic derive, the installation can be also equiped with clamps.The leaktightness of the vapour jacket is checked at the plant with the help of an air-pressure test under high compression.
To prevent corrosion all the parts of the installation are painted and working surfaces are coved with a speacial composition. 
Rubber gaskets are used to minimize cement wash leakage. A one-year warranty is provided for the installation. Our engineering department designs the workpiece and prepares the documentation taking into consideration all individual requirements of the customer. All goods produced by M-Konstruktor are certified in accordance with international quality standard ISO 9001. We deliver our production around Russia, to CIS countries and the European Union. Plants producing concrete goods, which are located in Moscow region have already been casting microtunneling pipes in M-Konstruktor moulds. Demoulding and taking out the final product is easy.
The final product has an even edge and a defined geomenty. 
Hundreds of cast reinforced concrete pipes will be used in buiding underground utility systems under restrained urban conditions, under highways, railways as well as in historically cultural centers of the city.
2018 Microtunneling pipe steel moulds