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Microtunneling technology came into common use in utility systems laying, especially when it is not possible to execute it in a standard way. The technology is of particular interest for utility systems arrangement under restrained urban conditions, under motorways, water storages, railways, and airport runways as well as under historically cultural centers. A tunneling shield extracts some amount of land from a target depth, without damaging the land surface. Jacking equipment forces microtunelling pipes of a certain diameter right after the tunneling shield. Microtunneling concrete pipes specification needs to be of significant durability and freeze resistance and microtunneling pipe molds have to comply with strict requirements of the final product.

"M-Konstruktor" offers pipe mold production for trenchless technology of our own design according to specific technical requirements.

High control on every level of concrete mold production guarantees the required quality of the concrete item.


Positions the pan and the inner shell relative to each other.
Lower moulding element, aligning the outer shell.
Internal former
Includes moving cam, hydraulic cylinder and flow divider.
External former
Equipped with locks and guides for pipe dimensions limiting.
Moulding ring
Moulds the upper edge of a reinforced concrete product.
Protects the internal space from the concrete mixture ingress and guiding the concrete mixture between the moulding surfaces.
You can buy as the option the steam-jacket for concrete setting acceleration. The steam-jacket allows to heat the concrete and to achieve the stripping strength at site. You do not have to move the mould into the steam chamber in this case.

The M-Konstruktor plant is manufacturing the moulds for pipes of 600 to 3000 mm diameter. The moulds have a folded madrel which provides easy finished product demoulding.


Developed in-house
The M-Konstruktor plant offers manufacturing of steel moulds for trenchless technology pipes proprietary designed in accordance with applicable technical requirements
High quality
In-process monitoring at every step of the steel mould manufacturing allowing to guarantee its proper quality.
Customized approach
Our plant manufactures moulding machines for pipes of 600 to 3000 mm diameter. The options and components manufacturer as well as a painting choice is up to customer.

Cost of production and terms of delivery

You can get the information on the costs and delivery time from our specialists by phone: +7 (81153) 6-10-05 or e-mail: info@m-konstruktor.ru.

Delivery is available throughout the territory of Russian Federation as well as in the European Union and Eurasian Union countries. Railroad, heavy trucks, and sea transport delivery is available.

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