A story of an order

We have a whole series of posts telling you about large diameter microtunneling pipes that the Terem company manufactured with the help of our equipment.
These concrete products with a length of 3,150 mm, an inner diameter of 2,400 mm and an outer diameter of 3,000 mm became the main elements of a microtunnel laid at a depth of 60 m. By the way, there are only 2 plants in Russia that manufacture the pipes of this diameter!
Today we will continue with a little story about the application of the stationary set of microtunneling pipes.
Usually, a tunnel is laid with the help of a tunneling shield and jacking equipment which forces the pipes forward along the tunnel. If the force produced by jacking equipment is not enough, workers use a stationary set.
A set equipped with jacks is forced forward like a regular pipe. When there is a need for extra force, the jacks are turned on, so the stationary set starts to push forward the pipes in front of it while the jacking equipment pushes forward the behind it. Using such stationary sets, you can lay down a few kilometer long tunnel! 
After the pipes are laid, the jacks are dismounted; the stationary set gets closed and becomes a regular microtunneling pipe.

Microtunneling pipe steel moulds 2020