Microtunneling pipe steel moulds produced by the M-Konstruktor

Microtunneling technology is a trenchless method of laying pipelines and communications in conditions of dense development or passage of highways. Using jacking stations, a microtunneling pipe is pressed through the ground, creating a tunnel of the required length underground.

Reinforced concrete or concrete pipes produced in special molds are most often used for laying such pipelines. Inside the moulds, complex mechanisms are installed that provide high accuracy and reliability to concrete products. We offer steel moulds of microtunneling pipes of various diameters, equipped with hydraulics and external mounted vibrators for compaction of the concrete mixture. Our moulds have a folding core, which will provide easy demoulding of the finished product.

Such moulds have already been installed and work in the production of our partners in different regions of Russia.
Microtunneling pipe steel moulds 2020