Magnet shuttering profiles: now on video

A short while ago, we introduced you to one specific type of a product that we manufacture—magnet shuttering profiles. They are a part of a magnetic equipment system used for the production of concrete products on tilting and stationary tables. To make it even more clear, we have prepared a video on this topic.
Magnet shuttering profiles are fixed to the moulding table with the help of permanent magnets, which means that no welding work is carried out when the profiles are mounted. That being said, magnet systems are resistant to vibration and long-term temperature exposure. They are also equipped with special devices for detachment of the magnet from the moulding surface, allowing the magnet to move freely without any effort.
This equipment is a flexible system that can satisfy the needs of any reinforced concrete products plant. The elements of the system are lightweight, so no powerful cranes are required to move it around.
Magnet shuttering profiles are reliable and durable pieces of equipment that reduce the time it takes to manufacture reinforced concrete products, making the manufacturing process more flexible and efficient. This equipment pays off in the shortest possible time.
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