Magnet shuttering profiles

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Magnet shuttering profiles are a part of the magnetic equipment complex for concrete production, mainly used by concrete fabricators. Such systems are designed on the basis of permanent magnets and allow concrete goods of any configuration to be produced. In contrast to traditional types of timbering, this method is characterized by:
  • shuttering profiles installation time and labor costs reduction;
  • a possibility for making adjustments and additions to the project;
  • fixation;
  • productivity improvement;
  • long service life of the equipment.
Magnet shuttering profiles are a rigid, rectilinear steel structure with built-in magnets. The selection of skirting magnetic system depends on the height of the product. It is better when the lifting capacity of the magnets has slightly bigger margin. The shuttering profiles are equipped with two holes for roping.

“M-Konstruktor” magnet shuttering profiles

“M-Konstruktor” magnet shuttering profiles are produced with the help of robotic technologies for metal cutting and welding, thus making the goods perfectly flat and rectilinear. High-quality sheet steel is used when producing magnet shuttering profiles equipment. Sheets can be 4-10 mm think, depending on the employer’s requirements. shuttering profiles work surface can have a variety of configurations depending on what type of edge concrete goods needs to have (saddle joint, T-slot, sloped edge). Magnetic skirtings shape is determined by the needs of each employer.

Magnet shuttering profiles can be one-sided or two-sided, in other words made with a sloped edge on one or both sides. Skirtings can be from 1000 to 6000mm in length, and from 100 to 400mm in height.

Arrangement and performance of the magnetic sides

Such method differs form traditional formwork in following:
Possibility of single products fabrication.
Lower time and labor costs of the formwork mounting.
Possibility of of making changes and additions to the project.
High performance.
Long service life of equipment.

Cost of production and terms of delivery

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