Magnet shuttering profiles

A magnet shuttering profile is a part of magnetic equipment system used for the production of steel reinforced concrete products. It’s versatile and can be used to mould products both on tilting and stationary tables.
Using magnet #shuttering profiles you can manufacture concrete blocks of various configuration by readjusting the mould according to the required parameters. This significantly saves the manufacturer's time and money, especially when it comes to the individual production of specific products.
Advantages of using magnet shuttering profiles are obvious:
  • reduction of time and labour costs of the installation of the magnet shuttering profiles; 
  • the possibility of making changes and additions to the project;
  • fixing; 
  • productivity improvement; 
  • the long service life of the #equipment. 
A #magnet shuttering profile manufactured at our plant has a rigid straight steel structure with built-in magnets. The magnetic system of the profiles is selected according to the height of the product. The products in the picture are equipped with a magnetic system with a breakaway force of 1,800 kg. Typically, the load capacity of the magnets is selected with a weight margin.
The height of the presented profiles is 200 mm each. Depending on the customer's needs, it may vary from 100 to 400 mm. The length of the products is 2,000 and 5,000 mm; the thickness of the formwork sheet is 8 mm. Our magnet shuttering profiles are made of high-quality steel sheet.
For ease of installation, the profiles are equipped with holes for roping.
The working surface of the profile can be of different configurations depending on what the end of the reinforced concrete product (ridge, groove, chamfer, etc.) needs to be like.
A batch of magnet shuttering profiles is leaving for the reinforced concrete plant in Estonia! We are proud of the quality of our products!
Magnet shuttering profiles 2020