‘Attention! Lots of lego pieces!’

We could have easily put this sign on the doors of M-Konstruktor’s assembly shop.
A batch of about 50 plus one steel moulds for Lego blocks is about to be shipped from here. Twenty-five moulds with the dimensions of 180*60*60 cm and the same amount of moulds with the dimensions of 160*80*80 cm go to our foreign partners.
Using their individual drawing, the design office of our plant has also designed 1 steel mould for the flat-type Lego without the groove-spike joint system with the dimensions of 260*60*60 cm. The mould is equipped with a length cutter for manufacturing of products of different length, as well as core drivers for easier movement of the finished block with the help of a forklift truck.
We have to remind you that Lego blocks are widely used in private, civil, and industrial construction. They make it possible to create structures of high strength easily, quickly and at minimum cost, as well as to dismantle the erected structure at any time.
Many of our Russian partners successfully use our lightweight units as an alternative to foundation blocks.
LEGO interlocking block steel moulds 2020