LEGO interlocking block steel moulds

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Lego blocks for construction – purpose and application

Lego interlocking blocks for construction resemble the fragments of the famous LEGO construction set for children. They are made of reinforced concrete and equipped with a groove-spike joint system. They are used for the construction of infrastructural, civil and industrial facilities for various purposes. They make it possible to quickly create high strength capital structures without glue and masonry mortars.

The Lego blocks can support not only vertical but also solid horizontal loads due to their specific structural features.

The main advantages of the product are the following:
  • durability and reliability;
  • minimal moisture permeability;
  • mechanical stress resistance;
  • tight fit of parts;
  • pronounced strength characteristics.
It is possible to speed up the construction process of building several times and reduce the costs on workers and specialized equipment to a minimum level by using Lego blocks for construction.
The block object is dismantled simply and quickly if necessary.

Steel moulds for Lego blocks

M-Konstruktor offers steel moulds for Lego blocks of any size. You can purchase standard products or order non-standard modifications according to your own drawings for individual projects.
We make steel moulds for lego blocks with one and two rows of groove-spike joints, as well as radial blocks (type R), which can be used to adjust angles as necessary.
The manufacturing process is carefully monitored at all stages. Attentive and professional approach gives you the opportunity to create a solid, operationally stable product that meets current regulations and requirements.
The practical steel moulds allow to:
  • form concrete products without special equipment;
  • use the moulds of Lego blocks independently in household conditions;
  • compress mobile, ductile and harsh mixes to the level required, it can be done with the immersion vibrator;
  • transpose the finished product, it can be done with a crane or loader.
Construction elements made in our moulds always have a perfectly smooth surface, regardless of the configuration complexity, and retain their original structural rigidity throughout their entire service life.


Durability and reliability
Minimal humidity permeability
Mechanical stability
High precision of finished products fit to each other
Prominent strength performance

Block clamp

The M-Konstruktor manufactures auxiliary equipment including lego-type blocks holding crossbeam, bushing, tilter, dividing insert and key.

For fabricated blocks moving used the clamping crossbeam mounted on forklift's fork. The crossbeam is an alternative to chain or choker which arr high risk of block swaying making it difficult to mount and demanding several stringers (the block weight is 3000 kg). Using the forklift with a crossbeam provides safe handling with lower labor costs.

A special bushing needed to mount the crossbeam on the forklift. M-Konstruktor manufactures several version of such bushing.
One-side bushing allows forklift to grab the finished product from one side only. Universal (double side) bushing allows to grab the finished product at the end as well as along its length.

Hydraulic tilter is used for tilting a block into the mounting position. Due to steel moulds design, groove-spike joint is flank located so finished blocks have to be turned for 90 degrees. Maximum weight capacity is 3000 kg.

Dividing inserts installed into the steel mould allows to reduce finished product length. The key is intended for demoulding and is working as a lever which is opening the mould.

Cost of production and delivery

If you want to get information concerning the production cost of the moulds and its production time, please to contact our specialists by phone: +7 (81153) 6-10-05 or e-mail:

Delivery is available throughout the territory of European Union and Eurasian Union countries and other countries. Shipment is available in different ways: by railroad, by heavy trucks, by sea.

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