Hexabit steel moulds

Steel moulds

Hexabit usage

Hexabites are classified as molded concrete blocks (along with tetrapods, hexagons, etc.) and they are a part of complex shoreline protection facilities of various types and purposes in order to provide required reliability and security when operating water areas, quays and underwater stands. Hexabits have a complex geometrical shape, moulded without reinforcement and ahve a weight of 1-25 tonns.

Depending on the aim of the hydro-technical utility hexabits are stacked in one layer, two layers, end-to-end, docked, overlapped or metlapped and form coverings which are not used for resort purposes. Wave anihilation effectiveness is equivalent to beaches but unlike those they have a much higher stability and almost don't need any occasional refill.

Hexabit production

To produce hexabits the steel mould is placed on a tilting table and is prelubed with a special composition excluding sticking of the concrete to the inner walls of the mould.

The steel mould is filled with concrete which is meant to be used in hydro-technical utilities and whose composition is less exposed to the influence of the harsh environment of sea water.

Tilting tables and hand-held tremblers are used to get a more thorough consolidation of the concrete, if necessary special areas for tremblers are installed.

A steel mould filled with concrete mixture is put into a steam-curing chamber, where particular conditions are upheld: +60 + 80 С heat and up to 100% water ratio. Under these conditions concrete gains its stripping strength in 10-20 hours that is 20 times faster than under natural setting.

When concrete has gained stripping strength the demoulding process begins. Locks are opened, some parts of the mould are removed and other are tipped over and the final product is taken out. After that the steel mould needs to be cleaned and then can be used again.

“M-Konstruktor” hexabit steel moulds

“M-Konstruktor” has vast experience in producing steel moulds of various purpose as well as moulds for the production of the elements for shoreline protection hydro-technical utilities. High quality of “M-Konstruktor” steel moulds provides a possibility to produce hexabits with smooth surface and right geometry.

“M-Konstruktor” hexabit steel moulds can be of two and four-placed design, they comply with GOST and are used for the production of all hexabit types: Hb-1, Hb-1,5, Hb -3, Hb -5, Hb -7, Hb -10, Hb -13, Hb -20, Hb -25, Hb -40.


Developed in-house
Оur plant offers manufacturing of steel moulds for reinforced concrete products proprietary designed in accordance with applicable technical requirements.
High quality
In-process monitoring at every step of the steel mould manufacturing allowing to guarantee its proper quality.
GOST compliance
M-Konstruktor hexabit moulds having two or four moulding slots, complies to GOST and are appropriate for all hexabit types: Gb-1, Gb-1.5, Gb-3, Gb-5, Gb-7, Gb-10, Gb-13, Gb-20, Gb-25, Gb-40.

Cost of production and terms of delivery

You can get the information on the costs and delivery time from our specialists by phone: +7 (81153) 6-10-05 or e-mail: info@m-konstruktor.ru.

Delivery is available throughout the territory of Russian Federation as well as in the European Union and Eurasian Union countries. Railroad, heavy trucks, and sea transport delivery is available.

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