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Steel moulds for purlins with rectangular section

Steel reinforced concrete purlins with rectangular sections (PRG)

Steel reinforced concrete purlins with rectangular sections (PRG) are widely used in construction. These purlins are rectangular reinforced beams (cross-beams) that are used for the formation of window openings, arches, window lintels and door openings and also for the shaping of roofing and foundations in buildings of various purposes.

The main purpose of a purlin is the reinforcement of a building's structure. Cross-beams connect vertical structural elements of a building (such as columns, joist hangers, and walls) together, serving as support elements for intermediate slabs. It creates a solid, rigid frame of a building.

Due to its reliability, rigidity, and high crack resistance, a beam tolerates both significant static and dynamic loads and transfers them to the elements placed below it. Purlins tolerate significant compressive stresses, which makes them perfect for being used as load-bearing elements of important units of a building's structure.

M-Konstruktor’s PRG steel moulds

The quality of steel reinforced purlins is regulated by the GOST standard requirements. They may be of different shapes, dimensions (length and cross-section), materials, and fixing methods, which depends on their area of application. A cross-beam may have a T-shaped cross-section with one or two flanges (for intermediate slabs), a rectangular cross-section, or a T-shaped cross-section without flanges.

M-Konstruktor manufactures steel moulds for PRGs of various dimensions, weight, and load-bearing features. We offer both double- or multi-cavity moulds, which can be readjusted for the required length and equipped with embedded elements.
To make the demoulding process easier, the moulds are equipped with hinged sides; multi-cavity moulds are made in a way that allows fanned-out demoulding for the simultaneous production of 6, 8 or 10 products while keeping 90 degree angles.
At your request, moulds can be equipped with vibrators or vibrating frames to speed up the consolidation of the concrete mixture.

Buying steel moulds from us, you can be sure about the high quality of your concrete products.


In-house development
The M-Konstruktor plant is manufacturing steel moulds for a purlins of various dimensions, weights and strengths. We offer two- and multi-slotted moulds with a possibility of length readjustment and an embedded details mounting.
Easy demoulding
The moulds are equipped with the hinged sides for easy demoulding. Multi-slotted moulds are designed for a fan-wise demoulding allowing to fabricate 6, 8 or 10 products simultaneously in compliance with the requirements for 90-degree angles.
GOST compliance
The quality of the reinforced concrete purlins complies to the GOST requirements. Their designs have different geometry, sizes (length, cross-section), materials and methods of mounting, which are depending on the application.

Connection elements steel moulds


Steel reinforced concrete lintels are used for load bearing over window and door openings in brick and artificial and natural stone buildings.

We offer moulds for lintels in any standard size per GOST [National Standard] 948-84: PB, PP, PG and PF. Lintel moulds can be made for any number of moulding cells. If necessary, moulds can be made adjustable (to make lintels of various lengths). To facilitate demoulding, moulds can have a "floating corner" (the trays are not joined and easily separate in demoulding).


Developed in-house
The M-Konstruktor plant offers manufacturing of steel moulds for reinforced concrete products proprietary designed in accordance with applicable technical requirements.
High Quality
In-process monitoring at every step of the steel moulds manufacturing allowing to guarantee its proper quality.
Easy demoulding
Steel moulds are equipped with hinged sides for easy demoulding. M-Konstruktor steel mould locks are fixed with external hexagon nut allowing to use pneumatic or electrical nut runner. That makes demoulding to go faster. The package also include the torque link with openings for catbar which makes operation more convenient.

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