The battery mould for reinforced concrete products: making warm where is cold

We continue our cooperation with one of the leaders of Novosibirsk area construction industry "KPD Gazstroy", started in 2019. In order to list all of the delivered equipment, we giving you a link to focus right now at the new project - the vertical battery mould for reinforced concrete products fabricating the wall slabs for the buildings of the 18th series.
The plant biuld the machine which produce external wall slabs without insulation as well as internal wall slabs. In general such machine is able to produce unstressed flat products, such as flights of stairway, stairway landings or airbricks. These products are needed for prefabricated housing where building efficiency are depending from the equipment capacities.
Our battery mould capacity is equal to12 slabs simultaneously with moulding surface of 6500x3300 mm and product thickness of 160 mm in 11 slots and thickness of 240 mm in 1 with finished product dimensions of 5800x3000 mm. The BM is equipped with vibration and heating systems. It's designed into 2 parts: the screens and the load frame.
We would start from the load frame consisting from main and secondary portals, as well as the supporting bean with a rail. The main portal is used for mounting of hydraulics and the demoulding mechanism with adjustment of the cassette thickness and the secondary portal is for mounting of vibration dampers. The beam supports main elements of the BM, which are dividing, heat and edge screens.
Dividing screen is a smooth flat surface with the upper bezzel as an edge. The screens have places for mounting of 4 pneumatic vibrators each. The lower side is stationary, and the lateral fixed with a hinge joints. The magnetic sides can be used as a formwork.
The heat screen is a heated element made of two metal sheets with a gap between. This gap used for mounting of the thermal register where the heat medium is supplied. The condensation water is drained naturally via the outlet in the lower part of the screen. The sheets are fixed using bolts and bosses which provides heating of both sides. Steam does not touch the moulding surface and evenly distributed inside the screen to prevent form scabbing and overheating. Flatness requirements of the moulding surfaces are equal to 2 mm over 2 metres.
The edge screens: front and back. These screens are very much alike the heat screens. They have places for the demoulding mechanism mounting and an external frame for the rockwool inslutaion preventing the heat leakage. The screens are provided with the service platform mounting places.
The concrete mixture is pouring via the top, and the moulding is between the screens. Then the vibrators of the lower or upper chord or of the both chords are started. After that the concrete mixture is heated using the curing conditions control system (CCS) with the ability of each heat screen steam regulation. The concrete curing at the temperature of 80 С ̊.
Specially for this BM we developed the hydraulics system with the double-acting cylinder and the hydraulic plant. Demoulding is a scissors-type. After starting of the hydraulic cylinders all plant is folding and screens are moving. The timing mechanism prevents left and right sides from tilting when moving.
Hydraulics and concrete curing systems control including the emergency cylinder boosting in case of pressure drop and subsequent demoulding is from the central control board. The vibration control is from the separate board (or the remote control panel).  
The operation cycle lasts 12 hours after which the finished products can be used for the construction. And very soon we would get a warm place where usually is cold.
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