Steel moulds for smooth airfield slabs PAG-14

  • Durable
  • Reliable
  • Safe
  • Tolerant to heavy loads
  • Can be used in low temperature conditions
  • Reusable
  • Can be laid really fast
All of this describes smooth airfield slabs (PAG). Such slabs are used not only for the pavement of airfields and runways, but also in the construction of roads (especially for high-tonnage vehicles), platforms, terminals, and large industrial facilities.
Depending on their thickness, these slabs are divided into three categories: PAG-14, PAG-18, and PAG-20. Selection of the slab depends on the supposed operation conditions.
The PAG slabs are cast in steel moulds, the inner surface of which has rhombic corrugation.
To make the slabs stronger and to reduce rebar frame costs, prestressed rebar is put inside these products. Bars are tensioned with the help of abutments, attached to the main structure of the mould.
To prevent concrete slurry leakage and chipping of the concrete product's edge, moulds with matrix arrangement are used. These moulds are equipped with just two opening end sides, and to make the demoulding process easier, longitudinal sides of the mould and a hinged looper have technological slopes. In the moulds with matrix arrangement, the longitudinal sides play the role of additional stiffeners and increase the overall rigidity of the structure.
Unlike the previous batch of the PAG-14 moulds, this batch has seen some changes regarding the structural elements of the mould’s base. This allowed us to reduce the height of the mould’s base while increasing the strength of the main structure of the mould, which increases the operational life of our equipment.
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