Airfield slab steel moulds

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Smooth airfield concrete slabs are used for motorway (with queuing and heavy traffic) construction as an alternative to other road slabs, for approach track construction, industrial and warehouse complexes, construction sites and airport runways.
Smooth airfield concrete slab is produced in accordance with all-Union State Standard 25912-91. The products are featured with extra endurance, durability, and harsh climate resistance, which provide safe airdrome and other sites operation.

Heavy-weight concrete and tenses reinforcement of different types are use for smooth airfield slabs production. The production process has the following stages:
  • Reinforcement cage production according to the standard;
  • Smooth airfield slab steel mould pretreatment: air blasting, cleaning, special emulsion greasing of the shaping surface;
  • Setting reinforcement cage into smooth airfield slab steel mould;
  • Reinforcement is tensed by adjustable jack or preheating;
  • Setting smooth airfield slab steel moulds on vibrating pattens;
  • Concrete pouring, turning on vibrating pattens;
  • Smoothing the surface with rail or special machines;
  • Concrete product is cured in steam inside the steam chamber to speed up the process of getting stripping strength;
  • Reinforcement tension release and final product extraction.

“M-Konstruktor” smooth airfield slab steel moulds production

“M-Konstruktor” produces two types of smooth airfield slab steel moulds: four buffer-block moulds and array moulds, where only headers or loopers are opening. Both types correspond with all-Union State Standard. Array moulds are easy to use and 100% laitance leakage and slab edges spall proof.

“M-Konstruktor” provides the supply of steel moulds and other necessary equipment for smooth airfield slab production.
Supply package is individually compiled.

SAS and TRS slab production line

We offer supply of equipment for airfield and road slabs with tensed reinforcement production. Supply package can have the following equipment:
  • SAS-14 steel mould;
  • SAS -18 steel mould;
  • TRS -14 steel mould;
  • TRS -18 steel mould;
  • Cross-functional steel mould for SAS-14 и TRS-14 production;
  • Cross-functional steel mould for SAS-14 и TRS-14 production;
  • Cross-functional steel mould for SAS-18 и TRS-18 production.
  • Hydraulic jack TRJ-14 with collet chucks kit;
  • Distributing bucket;
  • Vibrating table with 10 t bearing force or vibrating pattens gang (7 pcs)
  • Concrete slab tipping device.
We can supply the following equipment if necessary: reinforcement bending machine, reinforcement cutting machine, polypropylene curtain, concrete heating thermal electrical quill, concrete strength detector, reinforcement tension detector.


Developed in-house
The M-Konstruktor plant offers manufacturing of steel moulds for reinforced concrete products proprietary designed in accordance with applicable technical requirements.
High Quality
In-process monitoring at every step of the steel moulds manufacturing allowing to guarantee its proper quality.
Easy demoulding
Steel moulds are equipped with hinged sides for easy demoulding. M-Konstruktor steel mould locks are fixed with external hexagon nut allowing to use pneumatic or electrical nut runner. That makes demoulding to go faster. The package also include the torque link with openings for catbar which makes operation more convenient.

Cost of production and terms of delivery

You can get the information on the costs and delivery time from our specialists by phone: +7 (81153) 6-10-05 or e-mail:

Delivery is available throughout the territory of Russian Federation as well as in the European Union and Eurasian Union countries. Railroad, heavy trucks, and sea transport delivery is available.

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