Vibration tables for compacting concrete mixtures in moulds

Vibration tables are industrial equipment used for compaction of concrete mixture during the production of reinforced concrete products. Vibration tables are platforms mounted onto special shock-absorbing systems and also equipped with vibrators.
Unlike tilting tables, which are used for moulding and compaction of concrete, vibration tables are only used for installing steel moulds with concrete mixture on top of them. The vibration of the table squeezes the air out of the concrete mixture, which ensures high strength and durability of the finished reinforced concrete products. The steel mould is then removed from the table and the next one is placed in its place.
The vibration table is designed for operation on equipped construction sites: the permissible flatness deviation in longitudinal and transverse directions does not exceed 2°.
The equipment consists of:
  1. 2 tabletops and a frame
  2. 12 shock absorber springs
  3. 4 surface vibrators
  4. A control panel
The following dimensions of the table are: LxHxW 2670х758х1096 mm. The dimensions of the working areas are 1000x1000 mm each. The maximum load does not exceed 2500 kg.
At a customer’s request, M-Konstruktor produces vibration tables and stands of any size and carrying capacity.
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