Manufacturing of tetrapod T-3 in steel mould "M-Konstruktor"

The production process of concrete tetrapod T-3 in the steel mould manufactured by "M-Konstruktor": pouring, demoulding, finished product.
Tetrapod production with "M-Konstruktor" steel moulds requires adherence to simple process operations: mold coating, mounting, hydraulic concrete pouring, concrete mixture consolidation by tremblers, alternating curing of the product, tetrapod dismantling, mold cleaning up.
"M-Konstruktor" produces molds for tetrapod production of any size, permitted by all-Union State Standard: T -1,5; T-3; T-5; T-7.8; T-10; T-13; T-20; T-25 (a number means the weight of the final product in tons).
2018 Tetrapod steel moulds