Gdansk seaport refurbishment

In 2016 the M-Konstruktor company supplied the first batch of its products to EU members, and has been scaling up its exports year-on-year ever since.
Among our recently completed major projects is a Gdansk seaport refurbishment (Poland), for which we supplied 50+ steel moulds for tetrapods in a variety of standard sizes in the autumn of 2019.
Our socials published posts in which we reported sending a specimen mould to make size T-5 tetrapods, followed by a commercial shipment of steel moulds. You can find them by the hashtag МКтетрапод.
We shipped 8 truckloads totalling more than 50 tetrapods (T5 and T-8) to our Polish customers within a month. As of this writing, they are being successfully used in Gdansk and in Uzdowo, where they make concrete wavebreakers.
Tetrapod steel moulds 2020