Delivering tetrapods to the shores of one of the largest rivers in the world

The geography of tetrapods manufactured in our moulds expands from the Atlantic Ocean in the West up to the Pacific Ocean in the East.
Tetrapods are robust structures that protect the coastline against destruction by water, therefore they are often used for building moles at seaports, seashores and riverbanks.
We are sending our T-5 batch of tetrapods to the shores of the River Volga.
The moulds are demountable and have reinforcement along the edges. The production process is regulated by the relevant GOST standard.
If you use our moulds properly and ensure maintenance is provided timely, they will endure over 1000 pouring cycles.
See the ‘Tetrapod steel moulds’ page on our website, where you can find more information and download a presentation on the entire product range.
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