Tetrapods: from a technical drawing to a mole

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Steel moulds for tetrapods by the Russian manufacturer M-Konstruktor are characterized by:
  • a wide range of sizes—from 0.7 to 50 tonnes (a weight of a concrete tetrapod)
  • easy demoulding due to modular construction
  • no concrete slurry leakage
  • excellent quality of finished products confirmed by Russian and foreign partners
  • proven logistics and fast delivery to EU and EEU countries and any regions of the Russian Federation
A tetrapod is a solid concrete product consisting of four cones joined together at an angle of 109°. Tetrapods are used worldwide as breakwaters, primarily for building moles required at every seaport. Tetrapods protect the coastline against destruction, erosion and landslides.
We manufacture steel moulds for tetrapods in compliance with the high standards of our European customers. Our implemented projects include the delivery of tetrapod steel moulds for the construction of the Caspian port in Aktau, as well as to Gdansk for the construction of the Northern port; the delivery of steel moulds for the construction of a couple of seaports on the Baltic coast (in Kaliningrad and Leningrad regions). And the furthest delivery destination was the Kuril Islands.
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Tetrapod steel moulds 2021