12 new moulds for the production of external wall panels are going to Novosibirsk!

Wall three-layer reinforced concrete panels are designed to serve as external facade systems of multi-storey buildings. They are flat reinforced concrete products consisting of external, internal, and medium insulating layers.

Each mould has an individual size from 2000 to 4500 mm and is designed for the production of panels with a thickness of 400 mm. The mould can be readjusted length- and width-wise to produce panels of various sizes. They are also equipped with removable filling pieces for the formation of window, door and balcony openings. The mould’s hinged sides make the finished products demoulding process much easier.

If you use our moulds properly and ensure maintenance is provided timely, they will endure over 1000 pouring cycles. That is, with 25 to 30 regular pouring cycles a month, the mould’s useful life will be about 2.5 to 3 years.
2020 Steel moulds for wall panels (with lightweight expanded clay aggregate)