Steel moulds for precast concrete tunnel segments (tubings)

Did you know that tunnel segments (tubings) is a precast steel-reinforced concrete product used for the construction of underground facilities? These include tunnels, sewer lines, mine shafts, etc. Tubings are separate elements of a tunnel ring connected with tie rods and equipped with rubber gaskets, which ensure leakproofness of the structure in the course of the construction of the tunnel.
Depending on the purpose of the tunnel, tubings’ dimensions will vary.
The mould you can see in the video is used for the production of 8 tunnel segments, which form a single segment of a tunnel pipe. The inner diameter of a pipe will be 1,680 mm, the outer diameter—1,980 mm. The ring's height will be 320 mm.
Core drivers installed in the mould are used to create hollows in the tubing, which will later allow its connection to other elements in order to create a single structure.
The mould’s hinged sides make the finished concrete products demoulding process much easier.
2020 Steel moulds for precast concrete tunnel segments