Moulds for the production of hexagonal elements of concrete barriers

We know it’s not easy to understand what we’re talking about on the first try!
So, here’s one non-typical order we made for our Polish partners. In the picture, you can see a mould that will be used for the production of precast concrete barrier elements.
Every concrete element looks like a hexagonal ‘sandwich’. The inner element of the structure goes outside the ‘cell’, which allows the precise and reliable connection of the elements with each other. A barrier made of such units will turn out to be rock-solid and attractive at the same time. The unique connection method is patented by our Polish partners.
The mould is equipped with rubber gaskets. The geometry of the forming surface provides chamfers along all the edges of the concrete product. Thanks to its dismountable design, the inner core, which is removed together with the cell at demoulding, can be easily taken out at the final step of the production. This ensures a smooth surface of the concrete product and the absence of gaps when installing the barrier.
Steel moulds for fences and barriers 2020