Gaps in the flooring provide the ultimate comfort

Perfect geometry, sharp lines. All this is about the moulds for the production of concrete livestock flooring that we have sent out to our customer.  
The gaps are essential for this type of flooring used in animal husbandry. They help to quickly remove cattle waste products. The products manufactured in our moulds are immune to the aggressive effects of natural waste, resistant to ammonia, easy to maintain, and can withstand hundreds of kilos per square meter. Basically, they are indispensable when keeping large cattle.
Our beautiful moulds consist of a bearing frame, a pallet, and cover plates made of high-strength steel. Some of the moulds purposely have corrugated surfaces. Thanks to these, there is an imprint on a finished concrete product that prevents livestock from slipping and reduces injury rate.
The frame is the supporting structure for all other elements and it also helps to position these parts relative to each other. In addition, there are holes in the longitudinal beams of the frame to install it on the supports directly during pouring.
The pallet acts as a moulding element of the front side and the side walls of the product.
Finally, the most numerous and the most elegant elements of the structure are the cover plates made of high-strength steel, installed on the elements of the pallet in accordance with the technical specifications of the customer.
We are sure that the animals will be comfortable with such flooring!
Nothing is impossible for us when working with steel. Still have doubts? Contact us.  +78115361005
2021 Steel moulds for slotted floors