Livestock flooring is already in progress!!!

Look at this beauty that our Belgian partners have sent us! The perfect geometry, the immaculate surface, the precise joining of products!
Perhaps only those truly passionate about their job can appreciate the aesthetics of concrete slabs and blocks. As true concrete enthusiasts, we couldn’t miss the chance to show you these pictures of livestock flooring manufactured in our moulds.
Steel moulds for the production of livestock flooring for farms with the dimensions of 2,135*1,214*429 and 2,435*1,214*429 mm are equipped with steel core drivers. To prevent core drivers from fast wear, they are reinforced with a 10 mm thick Quart rubber sheet. Thanks to the corrugated elements, there is an imprint on a finished concrete product that prevents livestock from slipping and reduces injury rate.
The sides of the mould can’t be opened because livestock flooring is made of harsh concrete. When the concrete mixture consolidation process is completed, the product is immediately demoulded. The mould with the concrete product inside is tilted onto a special shield, the product is removed (the process is similar to turning sand moulds over in a sandbox) and then it gains the demoulding strength outside the mould.
2020 Steel moulds for slotted floors