Livestock flooring moulds with steel core drivers

We are ready to ship one more batch of livestock flooring moulds to our committed partners. Dimensions of the moulds: 275*115*18 cm and 200*115*18 cm. The moulds are equipped with steel core drivers of different heights and ribbed elements. Thanks to these ribbed elements, there is an imprint on a finished product that prevents livestock from slipping and reduces injury rate. To produce concrete flooring in these moulds, harsh concrete is used. The mould itself is mounted on a vibrating table equipped with a power beam. The concrete mix consolidates due to vibrations. After moulding, the product is instantly demoulded. The concrete product is left to gain its strength outside the mould. Thus, in our moulds, you can produce up to 5 concrete products per hour. At your request, we will manufacture a mould complying with all your requirements and suitable
for your production process.
2020 Steel moulds for slotted floors