Livestock flooring: application, manufacturing, and ways to overcome adhesion between concrete and steel

Concrete livestock flooring is used in animal husbandry, where it serves as floor grating. This technology allows keeping livestock dry and clean and quickly remove their waste products. It significantly reduces the prevalence of livestock diseases on farms, energy costs, and the need for manual labour. This type of flooring can also be used for growing of such cultures as mushrooms or potatoes.
There are several ways to manufacture concrete livestock flooring products, but the only substantial difference between all of them is the speed of the concrete product manufacturing process. You can either use automatic machines/equipment or perform most of the operations separately with the help of a crane, a lifting beam, or a vibrating table. 
The most efficient and productive way is to use automatic machines. A steel mould is installed on the load-bearing beam of the casting machine. Then the concrete mixture is poured inside this mould. The concrete mix consolidates due to vibrations. The mould containing the concrete product is tilted at specific spans. Then the concrete mixture is released from the mould and the concrete product continues to strengthen outside the mould. The cycle is then repeated again.
Steel moulds for these gratings may be equipped with steel or high-density polyethylene core drivers (see the moulds in the picture).
The degree of adhesion between concrete and steel is very high and the elements must be additionally covered with special lubricants. 
High-density polyethylene core drivers used in the moulds make the demoulding/stripping of finished products easier. Moreover, polyethylene core drivers can be demountable and replaced with core drivers of different sizes, which provides the versatility required when you want to manufacture several concrete products of various sizes using just one mould. 
M-Konstruktor is ready to offer its customers steel moulds for livestock flooring that fit their needs and their production lines.
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