Rock-solid quality...

...of your products manufactured on M-Konstruktor’s tilting tables.
The ultimate smoothness and flatness (which does not exceed the value of 1.5 mm per 3000 m) of our tables allows you to mould a wide range of flat, non-prestressed products for the housebuilding industry.
Dimensions of the tables shown in the image: 3.75 x 12 m, which also allows you to manufacture longer products, as well as several individual products simultaneously. If the tables are assembled into a single production line, it is possible to get concrete products with a length of up to 36 m, such as piles and non-standard over-sized wall panels.
Concrete mixture consolidation can be performed with the help of surface vibrators or pervibrators. However, to save time and avoid non-consolidated areas on the products, vibrators installed under the table are used. This process is fully automated and is controlled through a control panel. To reduce the impact of vibration on table elements and the foundation, the tables are equipped with damping rubber elements.
The moulding surface is made of a 10 mm thick steel sheet, and the table itself can bear a load of up to 1,000 kg/m²
The advantages of using tilting tables include not only a large range of available products, but also fast cleaning and adjustment times, which is useful in small series production.
The cost of the equipment is determined by several parameters:
  1. Dimensions (length and width)
  2. The number of sides and sides adjustment capabilities
  3. Heating method (water, steam, or thermal oil)
  4. Steam curing control capabilities
  5. The number of magnet shuttering profiles
  6. The type and the number of vibrators
  7. High frequency vibrators control capabilities
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