Stationary casting bed

Simple reinforced concrete production technology, relatively low cost and easy operation—all these are advantages of working with a stationary casting bed.
In this picture, you can see a stationary casting bed (also known as a table), designed for the production of reinforced concrete products without prestressed rebar: piles, wall panels, stair landings, etc. This equipment is used in conjunction with magnet shuttering profiles for quick readjustment.
A stationary casting bed, which dimensions are 2.5 m*6 m, is equipped with 4 external vibrators and a heating register to accelerate the consolidation of the concrete mixture, as well as adjustable sides. The sides’ height may be adjusted—from 100 to 300 mm.
Such stationary casting beds can be installed in a row to form a moulding line of the desired length. The production process can also include equipment for the distribution of concrete and devices for loading and unloading.
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2020 Stationary casting bed and production table