We climb the stairs every single day, yet we never notice how many stair flights we pass during a year

Stair steel moulds are the most in-demand products manufactured at our plant. We offer steel moulds for stairs with or without landings, as well as for the landings themselves and the steps.
Depending on the required number of products, stairs can be moulded horizontally or vertically. Using a vertical mould, you can manufacture two products simultaneously, including stair flights with landings. The moulds are equipped with hinged sides to make the demoulding process easier, a mechanical drive, and a steam jacket and a set of vibrators for the concrete mixture consolidation if necessary.
Horizontal moulding of the concrete product enables the best possible consolidation of the concrete mix through vibration and helps to avoid the formation of pores and cavities on the surface of the product. Rubber gaskets around the perimeter of the moulds help to avoid subsequent smoothing and filling of the finished products.
These moulds may be additionally equipped with replacement end wall filling pieces, which allows you to mould staircases of the desired length or change the geometry of the stairs connection to the landings.
The moulds can be equipped with height-adjustable sides if the thickness of the products needs to be changed.

Our equipment makes it possible to produce a stair steel mould with a minimum number of joints on the forming surface of the steps.
When a stair flight cannot be installed fully due to its high incline or if it is designed to tolerate high loads, the steps are cast separately. To calculate the cost of a step steel mould, you need to specify the number of steps and their maximum width.
Our company is ready to manufacture moulds for stair flights, staircases, stair flights with landings, or stair steps of any size and configuration in accordance with your requirements and individual drawings and additionally equip them with all the devices necessary for the production of concrete products: steam jackets, vibrators, length and width cutters, etc.
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