Stair and shaft moulds from M-Konstruktor: the contract to be continued

Be the render so fine, living pictures "from the fields" are more helpful. Even if the pictures are made outside a photo studio and without setting up lighting, it is precisely these pictures which confirm that this written is mere truth. That's why we are always making requests to our partners for imparting photos of finished product to us. We cordially demonstrate the results of use of our steel moulds. This is a case in point. Let us show and tell what you can see in the picture. 

Last year the plant supplied utility shaft vertical steel moulds and stair vertical steel moulds. While the applications of the latter are apparent, the shaft moulds are used when laying utility lines, i.e. sewage, gas and pressure water piping, cable ducts etc.

It can be seen in the photo that the finished products are U-shaped and contain voids. Under the contract, the moulds are manufactured in two sizes while being identical in design: each mould is equipped with a demoulding mechanism, vibration dampers and platform vibrators installed along of the mould perimeter. For ease of demoulding, the upper brace rods are removed and the longitudinal sides can slide over the guides. The manual-operated demoulding mechanism is actuated to lower the inner sides down thus stripping the finished shaft.

In stair steel moulds, two products can be simultaneously formed. The scope of supply included four steam-jacketed moulds having different size as well as variable configuration of stair landings and variable number of stair steps. One of the moulds has special design, so that stairs formed in this mould are provided with void formers to reduce the stair landing weight.

The photos taken from M-Konstruktor's moulds worksites are an excellent feedback example and going ahead with the seemingly completed contract.

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