Cable pit steel moulds manufactured by M-Konstruktor were highly appreciated

Equipment quality control carried out at manufacturing plants is fairly common practice. Steel moulds are no exception. Before delivering a run of cable pits, customers representatives together with M-Konstruktor's quality inspectors checked the items for compliance with requirements of GOST 25781-83 and the Requirements Specification.
In auto enthusiast terms, it is safe to say that these cable pit steel moulds are customized since a variety of customer expectations have been implemented in addition to the standard version.
In particular, the pan is equipped with four jack pads at the locations where the lateral and end sides are assembled together. The jacks are to be used for squeezing the product out of the mould strengthened by 20-mm thick plates, which make it possible to back the finished products out during demoulding. To this end, supplementary stiffening ribs are welded to the channel section at the points where the backing out is performed.
To enable the installation of lifting lugs at the end sides, the lower chambers are equipped with special pockets. To form a concrete product without lifting lugs, the possibility of installing removable polymer items, which shall prevent the concrete mixture from flowing out, is implemented.
The steam curing system has also been modified: steam supply and condensate drain are implemented at one and the same end. Mould storage convenience (several moulds can be stacked) is provided by the longitudinal sides equipped with hinged platforms.
All the above mentioned was just a part of items of the Requirements Specification the implementation of which was highly appreciated by the guests who remained satisfied with what they saw. M-Konstruktor plant appreciates its customers and promotes the manufacture openness policy.
For customizing steel moulds according to your own requirements, please contact plant managers. Just send a message to or call +78115361005.
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