Stair flights inspired by Novosibirsk architecture

Yet another batch of steel moulds is about to be shipped to our partners in Novosibirsk. Very soon, reinforced concrete products used in building construction will be manufactured with the help of our moulds for wall panels, floor beams and stair flights.
Today, we’re going to tell you in more detail about horizontal moulds for stair flights without landings.
These moulds are not really standard. Their dimensions are 3179Х1440х408 mm. A stair flight cast in this type of a mould is thinner than the regular one. In order to maintain its load-bearing capacity, the product has lateral stiffening ribs, which reduce the amount of concrete used during moulding.
The mould can’t be readjusted and has hinged sides. It can be equipped with steam jackets and vibrators for compacting the concrete mixture if necessary.
Should you need anything custom-made, M-Konstruktor is always here to help you!
2020 Stair steel moulds