One mould, two products (simultaneously!). Vertical stair steel moulds

New images in our feed show the shipment of finished goods to our customers. Today, we’ll talk about vertical stair steel moulds.
Using a vertical steel mould, you can manufacture two products simultaneously, including staircases with landings.
The design department of our plant has developed four types of steel moulds with the following dimensions (LxWxH): 6665х4445х1480, 6365х4295х1420, 6965х4595х1480, and 6965х4595х1515 (mm). They can be used to produce up to 8 different standard sizes of concrete stairs. This changes the configuration of both the landings and the steps. The delivery package includes a divider, which is used to mould stairs without landings.
The steel moulds are fitted with hinged longitudinal sides equipped with steam jackets.
One of the moulds has a very peculiar design: stairs manufactured in it have hollows in their bottom parts. This makes the structure much easier and reduces the volume of concrete used in the moulding process. For more visualisation, we have attached 3D models of the products themselves.
All the moulds are equipped with mounting seats for vibrators. At a customer’s request, they can be equipped with gear motors.
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