Climbing up with Stairs from M-Konstruktor

Stairs is one of the earliest inventions of the human intellect. The oldest artefact was made of wood. Scholars contend it appeared round the year five thousand B.C. Methods of fabricating and materials of stairs continue to change, but the heart of the matter is left untouched: the same old flight of steps helps a human being to go up while undertaking minimal efforts.
Unsurprisingly that no new residential building can be constructed without stairs. Therefore, a variety of requirements and parameters are imposed on stairs including concrete ones (as used herein, stairs shall mean a structure that consists of a load-bearing foot and steps). Additionally, stairs shall have perfect accuracy and minimal error of step level, as well as shall allow changing their dimensions.
Those were exactly the desires that the customer expressed in the course of negotiations. M-Konstruktor incarnated the customer expectations in metal.
Moulds are produced in two versions, i.e. with and without the cutter, and have the standard size, which corresponds to the overall dimensions of the product (2,720 × 1,200 × 254 mm = L × W × H). The use of the cutter allows casting stairs with the dimensions of 2,720 × 1,050 × 254 mm, i.e. with reduced width.
The stair steel moulds are traditionally easy to use due to implementation of lubrication, hinging out of the sides preceded by releasing the latches and mounting of the rebar cage into casting cavities of the steel mould followed by closing the sides and then locking the latches. Next, the steel moulds are filled with concrete mixture and subject to vibration treatment. The further step includes levelling of the top layer to strike off excess concrete followed by heat treatment. Upon achieving demoulding strength, the product is removed from the mould by releasing the latches followed by hinging out of the sides.
As for the capabilities of the plant in principle, we can produce tailored steel moulds with decks, vertical moulds with two seats and heat-jacketed moulds of any sizes and configurations.
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