Horizontal moulds for the production of LM stair flights without landings with height-adjustable sides

It’s been a long time since we last told you anything about moulds for the production of stair flights. In the meantime, stair fights are one of the most popular types of steel-reinforced concrete products!
M-Konstruktor manufactures steel moulds for stair flights of various modifications: horizontal or vertical, with or without landings, single- or double-cavity, as well as moulds for landings and steps.
In this picture, you can see a new, freshly painted double-cavity horizontal mould for the production of stair flights, which is ready to be shipped. Hinged sides of the mould make the demoulding process much easier.
At a customer’s request, the mould may be equipped with steam jackets and cutters, which can be moved around to adjust steps’ length to the required size.
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