Going up the stairs like in our childhood: another stair flight with landings is ready

When we were children, we used to count steps while going upstairs in our apartment buildings. And the moment when you found out that one stair flight had a different number of steps than the other felt like a wonderful discovery. To make sure your mind wasn't playing tricks on you, you had to go all the way back downstairs and start all over again.
Such warm memories... And it is absolutely possible to revisit them today! All you have to do is to work at the M-Konstruktor plant and design stair steel moulds. Just another such project has been completed and delivered to the customer in strict compliance with the task.
This particular stair flight has landings, so the mould for it has an impressive appearance and a weight of 7 tons, which is understandable: two products can be cast in it at once. In addition, it is equipped with a steam jacket as an extra option.
The mould consists of a pallet, longitudinal and end sides, the frame of the demoulding mechanism, the demoulding mechanism itself, and vibrators, which are optional accessories as well.
The structure is based on a one-piece welded pallet with surfaces for moulding the contour of the steps. The longitudinal sides are forming elements of the bottom (rear) walls of the stairs and have roller supports for moving the demoulding mechanism along the frame. The end sides serve for shaping the end elements of the stairs. The demoulding mechanism frame is not dismountable and is inseparably installed on the pallet. But the mechanism itself is demountable with the main element being a screw with a movable support, along which the longitudinal sides move.
Steam jacket accelerates consolidation of the concrete mixture, while surface vibrators reduce its porosity. The mould is easy to maintain and it can have a long service life (if you use it properly).
It won’t be long until modern children start counting their own steps in their own stair flights manufactured in M-Konstruktor moulds.
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