Steel moulds for retaining wall

“M-Konstruktor” Company presents steel moulds for the production of reinforced concrete free-standing retaining walls.
The process of assembling one steel mould takes a week. The ready mould will be six meters in length, four meters in height and will weigh eight tons.
These steel moulds will be sent to the plants of the Olenegorsk and the Murmansk. There, they will be cast reinforced concrete retaining walls for the construction of warehouses of bulk materials in the Murmansk Commercial Sea Port.
Reinforced concrete retaining walls are used not only for the construction of warehouses of bulk materials, but also for the construction of excavations and embankments in the construction of railways and highways.
Hydro-technical utilities made of retaining walls form shipway and fishway tunnels, quays adjoining shoreline with streambed in access channels.
When we assemble each mould, we work with metal, as with the constructor. Our engineers will design steel moulds for all types of reinforced precast concrete products.
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2018 Retaining wall steel moulds