Retaining walls of 11 standard sizes in one mould

Wierd as it may sound, but the hardest part of the mentioned project was not to build steel moulds but to deliver them into Europe. At a time when these moulds have been fabricated at the plant, the world has changed. But unlike the reality, we have not changed and did everything according the Specification.
Steel mould are intended for moulding of a pigpen partition walls. They are in two versions with a leftside and rightside lower corner cutter. If we put that aside they are have identical dimensions and functions.
The main feature of these steel moulds is a moving divider side intended to adjust the product lenght. This design allows to mould 11 standard sizes with at a pitch of 100 mm. After putting into desired position this divider is fixed with bolts via pan's sleeves. The stiff nut provides reliability of such bolt joint.
To fix sides when filling the mould we use special locks. When demoulding, they are removed just as the upper brace rods. Sliding side, moulding the back wall is moving, then finished product extracting and flipping for the installation.
For such partition walls fabrication our client uses self-consolidating concrete which does not give a room for mistake. And this fact only highlights the high quality of the M-Konstruktor products.
Markets are changing and some of them became inaccessible, but we are still in touch via e-mail info@m-konstruktor.ruor phone +78115361005. We are stable and reliable as always! 
2022 Retaining wall steel moulds