Moulding a retiaing wall in 60 seconds

We continue to follow on our public communications policy: first we talk about our completed projects, then introducing you some small videos showing finished products at the final part. We have already wrote about the retaining walls, so its time for a small video.
Just to remind, the two types of moulds with leftside and rightside lower cutter are intended for pigpen partition walls fabrication. Design feature of such decision is a moving divider side allowing to get 11 standard sizes with a pitch of 100 mm from one steel mould. 
This video gives clear understanding of how this steel mould works and what you get as its finished product. Video allows us to show this within just one minute.
If you want a video of your own steel mould, the first step would be to write a message to or to call us +78115361005.
2022 Retaining wall steel moulds