Steel mould over 44 m long

M-Konstruktor Plant has manufactured and supplied moulds for fabricating trapezoidal-section concrete piles 44.5 m long.
Concrete piles form the frame of the foundation of a new building, which directly governs its strength. Concrete pile foundations are best controllable in relation to bearing capacity.
The core question now arises of how did we manage to transport so huge mould?
We hasten to answer that the whole secret is that the mould consists of three split components the overall dimensions of which are as follows: 14,910 × 2,355 × 610 mm, 14,740 × 2,355 × 610 mm and 14,910 × 2,355 × 610 mm (L × W × H). The pile cross section is equal to 400 × 400 mm.
It has been purposely done for ease of mould transportation. The components are joined into the production line using a taper, a taper bushing and bolts. Note that no products can be fabricated in the individual components of the mould.
The steel mould is supplied with 15 caps to form pile pointings and with cutters, which are fastened using magnets. The fastening magnets are on and off using special button extensions.
The length of the concrete product can be varied by changing the cap.
To increase single-operation output of piles, you can order extra caps with cutters.
The mould is equipped with a heat register and end hinged sides used for demoulding.
M-Konstruktor steel moulds ensure accuracy to dimensions of finished piles and no spalls on their surfaces!
For all questions concerning the cost and configuration of the equipment, please contact plant managers. For this purpose, put an inquiry to e-mail or on the phone +7 (81153) 6-10-05.
Pile steel moulds 2021