Steel moulds for beams

In close cooperation with its European partners, M-Konstruktor has manufactured a large amount of equipment for the production of reinforced concrete products for farms.
Concrete livestock flooring of various standard sizes and configurations, sow walls, plates, livestock cubicles, etc. manufactured in our steel moulds are used at livestock and mushroom farms.
In the picture you can see a steel mould for beams that are used in cattle stalls to support floor elements. These beams are capable of supporting loads up to 1000 kg.
This mould is suitable for the simultaneous production of 7 products and its length can be adjusted from 2000 to 3000 mm. The bottom part of the mould has holes for attaching inserts and dividers.
There are letters milled on the inner moulding surface—they will leave a corporate ‘sign’ (a kind of branding) on the finished product.
The mould is not demountable and has no hinged sides. It is installed onto a vibrating frame, which is used to compact the concrete after pouring. Right after the concrete mixture is compacted, the mould is turned upside down and removed, and the products are left to gain their strength outside the mould.
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