Velikiye Luki - Saint Petersburg with a terminus in Ust-Luga

When you hear the pile driver sound, you recognize there is a construction nearby, and piles driving into the soil like a giant nails. And if you hear such noise at Ust-Luga, its very probably connected to M-Konstruktor steel moulds that we delivered to our Saint Petersburg client LIDER Prom, who provides with piles building of utilities for merchant seaport at northwest of Russia. 
Reinforced concrete pile fabricated using special steel moulds with unusual lenght, cross-section, number of places in one mould, special demoulding method and provided with thermal system. According to this contract, we built several four-placed moulds for piles with cross-section of 3500Х3500 mm and lenght of 12000 mm. In the base of such moulds there is a pan with a surfaces for piles moulding without thermal register. End sides are hinged for easy demoulding and fixed to the pan using hinge joints. The pile lenght can be adjusted by moving caps which are fixed to the frame with magnets.
These steel moulds we produced are constantly in use, just like the five-placed moulds that we mentioned at the end of last year. Despite these moulds are different, all M-Konstruktor products are always quality, reliable and comply with client specification. Contact us as always: e-mail or call +7 (81153) 6-10-05.
2022 Pile steel moulds