Large piles need large construction sites

The strength of the pile is determined by its dimensions. The greater the dimensions are, the heavier the load the pile can support. Looking at these 16-meter double giants with a cross-section of 40X40, which were sent to the Kaluga region, it is clear that they can go a long way.
When manufacturing these metal molds, assemblers have a special responsibility. They set the evenness and the exact geometry of the mounting place of the future product, because the cross-section is square, with no dismantling slopes.
In this specific project, we managed not only to assemble the parts into a single structure with traditional precision, we also removed the need to move the mold into the curing room by equipping it with a heat register. The concrete is poured and matured on site. 
Demolding is performed by tilting the longitudinal and frontal mould sides. The reduction of the product length is achieved by shifting the position of the heads. To move these twins, you will need a beam crane with a capacity of at least 10 tons.
According to the customer, M-Konstruktor handled its task very well. Very soon large piles will be transported to large construction sites.
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