Features of the parabolical concrete cunette moulds

As the saying goes, make hay while the sun shines, and parabolical concrete channels... in winter.
As do our customers in Central Asia, where precast concrete parabolical cunettes are widely used to set up irrigation systems. They are instrumental in quickly setting up effective water supply for farmers. Water flows through the channels by gravity. The products are not designed for pressurized applications.
Parabolical cunettes are U-shaped elements and can be supplied with a footpad depending on their design. The product family (LR-4, LR-6, LR-8, LR-10, LRG-4, LRG-6, LRG-8 and LRG-10) includes elements for burying channels and running them overground on piles, stilts and special slabs. When set up on piles, stilts and slabs or buried, the channels are marked as LR or LRG respectively.
The number in the channel designation refers to the rated height of the concrete products and ranges from 0.4 to 1 m, while the length remains constant at 6m.
We offer steel moulds for channels in both standard and custom sizes.
The moulds break open at the sides
They are rubber-sealed along their perimeter, which precludes any leakage of concrete mixture
The mould walls do not warp when concrete is poured in
Every mould is good for about 1000 cycles (if used correctly)
The finished products have straight butt ends and need no addl. processing
For over 5 years now, MKonstruktor has been faithfully serving it customers in Kazakhstan, where our equipment is used to make LR and LRG units in a variety of dimensions.
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